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If it couldn't be the Red Sox or the Cubs... [Oct. 26th, 2003|12:09 am]
I'm glad it was the Marlins.
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Wocum, Daddy [Sep. 3rd, 2003|10:58 pm]
Prior to becoming the all-powerful Daddyhotep, I had a hard time relating when my frineds who had kids told me about the latest milestones acheived, no matter how small. But now I find myself doing the same thing. I understand now the motivation. It isn't that I don't have anything else to talk about...hey, I'm a recently-laid-off-struggling-new-consultant-with-a-family-and-a-way-too-big-mortgage... I've got PLENTY to talk about. The thing is this: I am Daddy. I never in my life ever knew the power of that name.

This evening, B. and I went for a walk. As we were walking, she would pick up real or imaginary things from the sidewalk and hand them to me, for which kindness I dutifully responded, "Thank you, B." This is something that has happened before. Tonight, however, something new happened. I said "Thank you, B."...and she said in response "Wocum, Daddy."

I wanted to cry, I was so proud. I want to cry now just thinking about it. She is growing so fast. Learning so much. Everyday there is a new thing she does that amazes. Yes, she is sometimes annoying (will she EVER stop putting the cats' food in the water dish?), but she my daughter. And I am her Daddy. And I love her more than I ever thought possible. And I am so proud of her that I need to tell everyone I know. Now I know what my friends were doing. So...please, don't hold it against me, or anyone who has a child if they talk about them all the time. It can't be helped. If we don't, we will explode.
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Miscellany [Aug. 31st, 2003|11:38 pm]
The Red Sox: no hope goes unpunished.

Bush: Looking back at the election of 2000 through the lens of Iraq and 9/11, and the powergrab that is the USA Patriot Act, it seems more and more likely that Bush was put in office for a reason, and it wasn't for his leadership skills or his intellect.

Mass Transit: It looks like CT might actually be moving toward promoting mass transit in a meaningful way in coming years. Maybe there is hope.

Hope: If I didn't have any, I'd REALLY be a cynic.
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Ladies and Gentlemen, Boys and Girls.... [Aug. 29th, 2003|08:05 pm]
OK...First, I have to say that I was born a baseball fan. Specifically, I was born a Mets fan. Huh? I hear you saying. It's true. In a photo album in my parent's basement is a photograph of my parents taken at the time of the 1964 World's Fair in New York. My folks were living in Brooklyn at the time. The picture is of them in the almost completed Shea Stadium. My mother is pregnant with me. I tell you this because I am a Mets fan living in New England. I am married to a born and bred Red Sox fan.

As I write this, we are watching the first game of a three game series between the Sox and the Yankees. Given that my Mets suck rocks this year, it has been much more exciting to watch the Sox. Except for moments like the one I just saw as Derek Lowe just threw a softball to Aaron Boone who then lined it to left clearing the bases. Sigh. Yanks now 5 to 3, top of the 4th, 1 out. It's going to be a long night.

I know that the Mets are playing better since Pizza came back from the DL, but they have no chance of making the playoffs. The Sox have been much more fun to watch. I'm actually very into this pennant race... in spite of the DH... There isn't much difference between a Mets fan and a Red Sox fan. We both know heartache and disappointment. And we both hate the Yanks.

Let's go Red Sox!
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Erts, ebriateds, and gruntleds [Aug. 28th, 2003|08:57 pm]
One of the great things about the English language for native speakers (and probably an unending source of frustration for people trying to learn the language), how weird and inconsistent it can be, and hence how funny. Tonight Claire and I have been laughing about the word "pants". A word, which seems innocuous enough, but then we have a comic strip on one of our cabinets which deals with other funny words like "inert" and "inebriated". You never hear about a single pant...or about somthing being ert or a person being ebriated, let alone someone being gruntled.

Don't dis your gruntled employees.

I dunno. Maybe you had to be there. Then again, maybe not.
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Sometimes you just can win [Aug. 27th, 2003|10:05 pm]
Just a little frozen yogurt. We went out tonight, hoping for a little treat, just a cone of frozen yogurt. I guess the industry has determined that we are not profitable enough, we who can't digest milk propery either have to suffer, or do without. Now where's that carton of Tofutti?
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About time [Aug. 26th, 2003|09:46 pm]
Well, here I am! I've only been waiting a month...er...a week for my wife to get her code so that I can get my own space here. I'm not entirely sure how I will be using this space. I've tried journaling before, but have never been too comfortable doing a brain dump either on-line or on paper...but I'm willing to give it another try.

Hang on, it might get a bit bumpy.
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